The vision for ARCHINEX•US is to create an online resource for architects and related professionals, as well as students.


ARCHINEX•US brings together professionals with knowledge (teachers) with other people, including other professionals, who need that knowledge (learners). Teaching/learning formats will include traditional lectures, live and recorded webinars, one-on-one tutoring, and educational writings.


Due to geographic limits, the range of services offered by ARCHINEX•US is limited to the “Greater Los Angeles” metropolitan area. However, this service area will expand as additional teachers are added.


This site currently in a private beta test stage. If you would like to participate in the beta test, you may submit a request.


ARCHINEX•US was created by Michael Ellars, an architect and accessibility specialist in Los Angeles, California.


The concept for ARCHINEX•US can be summed up as “Information wants to be free.” There will always be paid options, but ARCHINEX•US hopes to provide no-cost options for those who need them most.